Outback, A Garden Bed

Note: It’s been months since I posted and years since I did regularly. I used to post about mental illness and existential dread, often nihilistically and without hope. Well… maybe there is. Comment and like below!

Outback, a garden bed.
Carrots, peas, radishes, cilantro
Inside, my head.
Minute thoughts, goals, impressions.


Amidst the flora, brambles
Vines, Dandelions.


They shade out
Drink dry
Pull down


One browns and falls
On a first shoot
Pressing down
Until both die.


A vine grows up
Around and pulling
The trunk and branches
As the tree grows weak


I spend hours pulling.
The tops break off.
The roots stay in,
And they return 

But there’s one less
One day, all is clear.

He said vines would grow
And we are to tend the garden.

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