Pre-note note: the link to my published article is at the bottom.

So I’ve operated this blog for over a year now and posted 49 times. Considering the few intentional breaks I took, that’s about a post once per week, which is exactly what I intended. When I started this blog, I had no notions of becoming a internet phenomenon, one of the new breed of writers whose full body of work exists on a digital platform.

No. My hope for this blog was solely one of accountability. Many great writers talk about a phase in which a young writer has to spend time just producing work and nothing else. With zero focus on being published, a writer needs to create a large body of work in order to hone and perfect their craft. With 49 posts and many more angsty tid-bits left in my journal for only my eyes, that goal has largely been accomplished.

Over the past several months, though, my posting has all but ceased. That was intentional. With student teaching and night classes, it would have been too much of a commitment to continue to try and write. While I don’t intend this blog to make me famous, I still want to put quality, mostly edited work on it (forgive my abundance of grammatical errors).

All that’s to say, with this post I intend to change my writing tactics and goal. My posts have largely been little works of lyric poetry and short stories. While they’ve been great fun to produce, I currently feel a bit constrained. You can only say so much in a 1000-3000 word short story with a singular plot. So I’m going to write something longer. I say this here to maintain that accountability I mentioned previously. By posting it here, it means I have to follow through.

My hope is to write a little novella making use of the fairy world I created for myself over the past year and a half. All of the characters and all of the fun. My blog may be dormant for a while, but as the story nears completion I’ll start to post a chapter at a time like the old days when a weekly book chapter would be published in the local newspaper.

Also, I’ve taken a liking to writing political commentary and short articles. I got a small little unpaid gig with a website called Lone Conservative, a growing grassroots alt-right website with whom I do not always see eye-to-eye, but I validate their legitimacy to an opinion and appreciate their willingness to let me voice my own. Check out my first article with them here.

And finally, thank you to all like 37 of my followers and the 10 Facebook friends who read most of my postings despite their horrid grammar. And a special thanks to my Dad (feels cheesy, but fo realz) who is the one person who regularly asks me about my writing. Knowing that one person cares can make the difference between a continued pursuit of writing and apathy.

So thanks,



Note: Wrote this reclining on my couch today with a cat in my lap. Distraught over all of the hate and vitriol I’ve seen recently, I couldn’t bring myself to do any work so I wrote this. Based on my favorite passage.

In the Beginning

There was

The Word.


It splintered apart

To clothe dandelions in adjectives;

To place the the wisps of clouds by prepositions;

To dig its fingers in the dirt

And form the noun of man;


To  make love a verb

By interjecting its life

To cry out in a loud voice

the final interrogative:

Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?